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January 29 - TIC together with Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers held a round-table conference on the topic: "The concept of responsible self-medication and the reform at the health sector".


November 21 - TIC with UAPP held a press conference on the topic: "A ban on medicines advertising".

November 11 - TIC held the TAM issues working meeting.

October 30 - TIC and PwC Ukraine held a seminar "Innovations in taxation. Tax audits".

On the 10th of October the conference "Medialaw" was held. Television Industry Committee held a conference for lawyers to exchange experience and to develop practical recommendations on the most actual issues of media law.

September - October - TIC held media measurements course in the framework of "Ukrainian Media School", which was designed for users of TV panel data, media analysts, marketers and advertising agencies employees, which are involved in strategic planning, research and advertising placement.

September 18 - TIC held a conference "Television as Business". The event was held as a part of KIEV MEDIA WEEK - a large-scale forum in the field of media. More than 200 Ukrainian and foreign representatives of the media industry participated the event. There were leading experts of TV channels, researching companies, advertising and media agencies present.

August 7 - TIC and a law firm "Lavrynovych & Partners" held a seminar on the topic: "Tax evasion - judicial review. Tax experience exchange".

June 26 - Ukrainian Bar Association and Television Industry Committee held an expert discussion about analysis and development of common approaches to the interpretation and application of the Law of Ukraine, which was adopted by Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the 5th of June, 2014 "On Amendments to The Law of Ukraine on Advertising".

May 20 - All Ukranian Advertising Coalition and TIC held a meeting with advertisers' placement on the "pirate" resources: problems and solution"

April 24 - The leaders of Ukrainian TV channels turned to acting President of Ukraine to stop the persecution of journalists and establish television broadcasting in some cities in eastern of Ukraine

April - Ukrainian TV professionals voted for participants of Rockie Awards 2014

March 19 - the leading Ukrainian TV channels and media groups appealed to the Prosecutor General, members of the "Svoboda", the Parliament and the Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression, considering unacceptable action in "Svoboda" on the head of the National Television Company

February - Television Industry Committee supported the International Television Festival IMPACT Awards and successfully organized the Ukrainian judging in the new category "Lifestyle".

February 13 - Online broadcasting winners of "Teletriumph" TV award. Winners list at the site of the award


December 2, 2013. Ukrainian Advertising Coalition and Television Industry Committee launched a website about advertising aboutadvertising.com.ua. The site tells about the value of advertising and about the importance of advertising for society.

December – TIC entry into the Federation of employers in tv and radio, publishing, advertising and information sectors.

November 26. TIC announced nominees of 13th National Television Award "Teletriumf".

October 22, 2013. TIC has organized a "MediaCareer" job fair in Kyiv Sports Palace. The largest media group in Ukraine such as Inter Media Group, StarLightMedia and 1+1 media presented current vacancies at the exhibition.

October 17, 2013 – TIC has organized a conference "Television Measurement". The conference focused on new research by the television audience (TV panel), which is prepared by research companies Nielsen and Communications Alliance to order TIC.

October 17. Conference "Media Law" was successfully conducted. Television Industry Committee and Ukrainian Bar Association held a conference for lawyers to share experiences and develop practical recommendations on the most topical issues of media law in the Internet, television and film production.

September 12. TIC held a conference "Television as Business". The event was held as part of KIEV MEDIA WEEK, the large-scale forum in media. "Television as Business" conference gathered more than 200 representatives of Ukrainian and foreign representatives of the media industry - leading experts of TV channels, research companies, advertising and media agencies

August. Television Industry Committee took part in the selection of works on "TEFI-Sodruzhestvo". Kateryna Kotenko, executive director of TIC joined the Expert Council.

June-December. Industrial Television Committee and "Media Group Ukraine" held 5 Workshops of "Media for media. How to use it?" of leading media experts from Ukraine and Russia.

May 25, TIC became a member of Public Council under the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine.

May. TIC’s Executive Director Katerina Kotenko, joined the jury of the International Television Festival Banff -2013. Television Industry Committee actively supported the award and helped to organize the judging. Whereby Ukrainian experts had the opportunity to evaluate the world's best work presented in two categories:

• «Reality Programs» - programs are based on real life, such as dating, make-up, hidden camera, reality shows, games, skits, talent search and competition.

• «Lifestyle and Information Programs» - educational programs, lifestyle, including cooking, gardening, DIY, health and travel.

In 2013 employees of the TIC represented the association and its members at:

  • Round Table "New Circle fight censorship"
  • Meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Expression and Information
  • Meeting of the Interagency Working Group on the labels for marking harmful telecontent
  • Constituent Assembly for reelection of the Public Council of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • Meeting of the Public Council under the State Service of Intellectual Property
  • Business Breakfast "Protect your business from inspections and external risks"
  • Round table " National Television of Ukraine: state, problems and prospects"
  • Meeting of the Public Council under the State Committee of Ukraine
  • Conference on "New Media - New Opportunities in 2013" profitable online radio, online advertising measurement , the ideal web – page
  • The working group on the new edition of memory "About trademark Exchange Market"
  • Press conference of State Committee for Cinematography strategy of development of Ukrainian cinema
  • State Committee meeting regarding the prohibition of tobacco and alcohol advertising
  • Roundtable: How to overcome legal nihilism and commercial piracy on the audiovisual market in Ukraine
  • Public Council of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine
  • "For sure TV marathon" of MMR
  • Hearings on the "Implementation of digital broadcasting standards in Ukraine"
  • Seminar on "Reform of Ukrainian legislation on broadcasting"
  • Opening a joint project of the Council of Europe and the Government of Canada "Implementation of European standards in the Ukrainian media environment"
  • All-Ukrainian action "Make Ukraine pure"
  • Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
  • Constituent Assembly for the formation of a new public council under the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine
  • CrimeaMediaCom
  • LvivMediaForum
  • Meeting of the European Organization for media research
  • Interagency working group to develop and implement a system of notation for the protection of children from information that may harm their health and development
  • International Forum "Real business against counterfeiting and piracy"
  • Press conference four largest media groups to protect their rights on the Internet
  • Working Group: Memorandum of Cooperation for the Protection of television content (antipiracy memorandum) between state regulators and public associations of telecommunications and media sphere
  • International Summer School of Media Law
  • Roundtable to address the problems of old media with a digital broadcasting
  • Conference of the Committee of freedom of speech transfrontier broadcasting
  • Meeting of the Legal Committee of the Public Council under the Antimonopoly Committee of UkraineRound table "How to overcome the negative effects on the pay TV market"
  • TV Forum StarLightMedia
  • Lecture by David Brennan StarLightMedia
  • Conference PRO Media & Production
  • Kyiv Employer Branding & Engagement Forum 2013
  • NAB Show, organized by the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the National Association of Broadcasters, USA
  • The event which organized by European Media Research Organisations (EMRO), the European Association for Media Research, Germany
  • European TV Symposium, Italy

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