About TIC

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Television Industry Committee (TIC) is a professional industry association of leading TV channels and media agencies, representing the interests of the Ukrainian television and advertising industry.

The fundamental goal of TIC is to promote the development of the Ukrainian media sector. The key areas of TIC's activity are the development and self-regulation of the Ukrainian media industry and the research of television audiences.

The focus of TIC activity is based on the coordination of a unified position of the representatives of the television and advertising market, development of effective mechanisms of cooperation and co-regulation.

In accordance with the stated goals, within the defined areas of activity and in order to represent the interests of its members, TIC carries out the following activities:

  • Representing the interests of TIC’s members in international and national independent media community associations, directly or indirectly engaged in functioning of the media sector;
  • Assistance to TIC’s members in access to international events, competitions and festivals, where Ukrainian representatives in the area of television, advertising and cinema have the opportunity to present their professional projects;
  • Participation in international and national competitions, awards in the field of television, advertising and cinema as a jury members in order to ensure the independence of the evaluation of submitted projects;
  • Expertise of current international and national regulations, development of proposals and projects of legislation that contribute to a thorough improvement and reformation of the Ukrainian media sector; 
  • Ensuring the organizational and legal basis, as well as providing practical support for the proper implementation of the economic, legal and other professional interests of TIC’s members;
  • Advising on legal, commercial, financial, technical and other matters that are directly relevant to the interests of the members of TIC;
  • Protection of the legal rights and interests TIC’s members, representation in relations with the national and regional authorities of Ukraine;
  • Representation in advisory and consultative institutions functioning at key authorities, legislative and executive, in order to represent the interests and position of the media community;
  • Joining expert committees responsible for the selection and control of audiovisual products receiving public funding;
  • Providing the market with a reliable and consistent TV audiences research system that complies with international standards (quality, technology and methodology) and protecting the rights of licensed users; 
  • Organizing an open dialogue between TIC’s members, partners and market players, establishing effective cooperation in order to analyze, approve and organize the highest quality and effective cooperation;
  • Organizing and conducting events aimed at training, professional development of specialists in television and media.

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