Producer of the Star Wars saga and vice-president of international production at the Universal Pictures Int. London among the speakers of the Film Business conference. The conference changes its format and name.


Fifth international conference Film Business will be held in Kiev on September 12, 2012 in the course of international media forum KIEV MEDIA WEEK.

This year the organizers of the conference, Media Resources Management company, focus on attracting funds into filmmaking and will take a close look at all the processes related to this, using real life examples of the film makers from Ukraine, Russia, Europe and USA. Such change of focus is not accidental, as this topic basically is the most burning issue for the film makers of our region. Particularly, all the main sources of films funding will be reviewed: government funding, involvement of different investment funds, and coproduction. There will be discussed coproduction between countries, as well as coproduction between producers and the state, coproduction with TV channels, with private investors, etc. Moreover, the conference will address such important aspects of the modern film market, as projects insurance, risk management, legislative initiatives of different countries. For this purpose the organizers are inviting experts, who will share their experience of getting funding for the films and managing it, using examples from their work.

This year Film Business conference will be attended by the real stars of the international film industry. In particular, American film producer Rick McCallum, most widely known for his work on the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the Star Wars Special Editions, will be a special guest of the conference. He will share his experience of working in Hollywood and outside of it, address the most burning issues of international projects producing and talk about his plans on cooperation with European producers.

It is absolutely imperative for independent producers to have the opportunity to meet with potential partners from all over Europe.  KIEV MEDIA WEEK is a must "go to" event that can help all producers bridge the gap between Western, Central and Eastern Europe. I can think of no other place that is more suited to help foster cooperation and exploit business opportunities than in the Ukraine - Europe as a whole can compete with America in its television and film productions if there is the will to understand what audiences want to see. This is about talent and business - you can't have one without the other. It is absolutely vital for the Ukraine to elevate its film business quickly and efficiently. And there is no better way to do this than to share knowledge and seek new ways to cooperate and work together to get important, provocative and daring films made”, - comments Rick McCallum

Issues of coproduction will also be addressed by Peter La Terriere, vice-president of international production at the Universal Pictures Int. London, United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the conference changes its name, and instead of Film Business in Ukraine this year you are invited to attend the conference Film Business.

Very soon we will announce names of other equally important speakers of the conference.

To see the list of confirmed speakers please visit the webpage of the Film Business conference.

Fifth international conference Film Business will be held in Kiev in the Radisson Blu hotel

on September 12, 2012 in the course KIEV MEDIA WEEK.

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