Top TV advertisers and their media agencies. Special report from All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition and Television Industry Committee


All-Ukrainian advertising coalition will be a partner of the panel discussions at the conference “Television as Business”. During it there will be presented results of the research made by All-Ukrainian advertising coalition altogether by Television Industry Committee. The topic of it is “Top TV advertisers and their media agencies. Who, whom and how much?”.

Maxim Lazebnik, Executive director of All-Ukrainian advertising coalition: “TV is one of the most important budget-making channels for Ukrainian advertising market. However, only a small number of advertisers buy TV advertisements in large amounts. Media agencies help them to make these buying even smaller. Who are those advertisers and media agencies representing almost all advertising media market? Which future they predict to the market? These issues are planned to be discussed during the panel discussion.”

For the discussion are invited:

  • Alexander Gorokhovsky, AEGIS Media/GMG, CEO
  • Victoria Semenenko, Maxximum Media Communications Group, Managing Partner
  • Alexander Baranovsky, ADV Group Ukraine, Executive Vice President for Media Services
  • Taras Lutskiv, Media Systems, Director
  • Alexander Komarov, GroupM, CEO
  • Konstantin Nikov, Media Direction Ukraine, Managing Director
  • Vitaly Matveyev, Optimum Media Ukraine, CEO

Maxim Lazebnik will be moderating the discussion.

Conference “Television as Business” takes place in Kyiv, Radisson Blu Hotel on September 15, 2011 during Kiev Media Week. Conference organizer: Television Industry Committee.

Register to the conference you may at the websites: or